Skilled Migrants
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Skilled Migrants

Throughout Australia’s short history there have been extended periods where overseas labour has been needed to address labour and skills shortages.

Many of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects have been built by overseas labour.

In the last five years Australia has faced more skills shortages and in order to meet our clients needs Stevens Resources has developed an in-house capability to recruit from overseas and supply to our customers either through labour hire or direct placement.

Our experience includes…

Working with the migration system
The Australian migration system is complex involving many levels of government and different departments. Stevens Resources has had five years experience working with the system and producing outcomes.

Oversease Recruitment
We have undertaken many overseas missions to source and test skilled labour in-country prior to offering placements. We have worked in China, India, South Africa, British Isles and the Philippines and have developed workable systems and have extensive experience.

Accessing the local labour pool
There are many skilled migrants who are already in Australia looking for placement. We have extensive experience interviewing these people, assessing their capabilities and we know what is possible.

Supplying skilled migrants under labour hire arrangements
Supplying skilled migrants under a labour hire arrangement is possible under certain circumstances. Stevens Resources has extensive knowledge and experience of providing skilled migrants on this basis.

Problem Solving
Due to the complexities of the system, and the numerous individual requirements and personal circumstances of migrants, Australian employers, friends and family – inevitably problems arise. Over the last five years we have seen them all. We’ve become very good at managing these problems and achieving outcomes.

Track Record
When it comes to understanding and working with skilled migrants and the system, Stevens Resources has a track record of achievement.  Please contact us if you would like to know what can be achieved for your organisation.

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